Agriculture Litigation Lawyer

Farming forms the backbone of the nation’s economy. It is a dynamic area of commerce that faces rapidly changing laws and regulations that challenges the way agricultural business is conducted. While the goal is to conduct business in a way that results in few disputes and losses stemming from the actions or government enforcement, many farmers, ranchers, and others involved in agricultural commerce realize that commercial disputes and regulatory agencies are an unavoidable part of the agricultural economy today. These issues must be addressed with the necessary attention and expertise of an Agriculture Litigation Lawyer

If you are involved in agribusiness in any capacity, either as a family-owned farm or a commercial operation, you should seek experienced legal counsel to help you seek opportunities for your operation and protect your hard work.

At the Knapp Law Firm, we strive to help those involved in the agriculture and farming industry navigate the complex maze of legal issues that farmers face daily.

Our agricultural attorneys have a long history of representing the interest of farmers throughout Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta.

Knapp Law Firm not only has the expertise and resources to protect and represent our client’s agricultural and farming interests, but we also have a long history of results that prove our agriculture attorneys are among the best. We handle all legal issues involving agribusiness law, including:

  • Agricultural disputes. Knapp Law Firm have experienced trial and dispute resolution lawyers that has experience in handling the full range of disputes that those in agriculture may encounter.
  • Regulatory agencies and enforcement actions.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Arkansas Agriculture Department, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, and other federal and state agencies have promulgated complex regulatory schemes that those in agriculture have to become familiar with and, more importantly, ensure compliance with. Knapp Law Firm can assist in both ensuring compliance and representing agribusinesses in case enforcement actions are brought by any of these agencies.
  • Land issues involving acquisitions, sales, lease formation, and negotiations.
  • Knapp Law Firm can assist you with a variety of land issues, regardless if you are a landowner, a tenant, or other user. Understanding land ownership, or the right of use, and length of tenure, is critical for making decisions regarding future use and the allocation of responsibilities.
  • Farm estate planning and asset protection.
  • Family farms face unique estate and tax planning challenges. Knapp Law Firm Agriculture Litigation Lawyers are skilled in all aspects of asset and succession planning, with a focus towards those involved in agribusiness.
  • Intellectual property procurement and enforcement under the Plant Variety Protection Act.
  • Seed developers and breeders may acquire and protect exclusive control over new and distinct plant varieties, and Knapp Law Firm can provide legal representation in procuring and enforcement of intellectual property rights associated with proprietary plant varieties developed by farmers.
  • Contract negotiations and disputes.
  • Farmers are often parties in a wide variety of contracts such as those for production, marketing, and others. Knapp Law Firm can represent farmers in negotiating and closing contract deals that are favorable to their interests and, if necessary, represent them in any disputes that may arise.

The attorneys at Knapp Law Firm have extensive experience helping farmers and ranchers in Arkansas and Mississippi resolving agricultural legal issues that they may face.

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